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_____deal with it.

25 May
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My name is David
I know that I am an overall good person I am open-minded but opinionated,I have many friends, but I only get close to a few of them,I appreciate life and try to live it to the fullest, I am a trusting person, and a trustworthy person, ilove meeting new people and opening up to new situations, I am alot of fun, like everybody I have my problems but I try not to let them get in the way of me enjoying life, and being a good friend. I understand and respect that friendships are somethign you must have and something you CANT take for granted, no one can be there the way friends can.

I am not a sucker for anything designer, I just appreciate and know alot about fashion design and what certain designers are all about.

On a more seriou note. I am a strict vegetarian. Yes I am an in-your-face stand up for what I believe in meat-hater. NO, I dont push my beliefs down peoples throats but I will give you a piece of mind and show you how I feel until your previous thoughts about anything wont make sense and you question EVERYTHING you believe in, That is if you show me ignorance, I have a gift for making people think...by the way I am nor liberal or conservative, both sides bug me, conservatives with their out-there close-mindedness and liberals with their condecending ignorance.

wow that was deep

anyway if you are at all interested in me talk to me, I dont bite......hard
my screen name for AIM is
and I would love to get to know you.
chow ;)